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Teaching CopyRight or CopyWrong?

I’m teaching my Arts Academy Freshman Seminar class about copyright law and how it effects musicians and their creative process. I take a different perspective than most teachers who teach this I think (don’t know of any other teachers personally who  teach this), in that instead of...

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Singing with Bobby McFerrin

Here’s a great video to introduce sight singing and melodic dictation to a band class or music theory class. I showed this video to my Fundamentals and AP Theory classes this week and we discussed what happens in this video. I explain to the students that the...

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Teaching Music Through Performance in Band…

I’ve been using and referring to the Teaching Music Through Performance in Band series more than ten years. The series is published by Gia Publications, Inc. and is currently up to its ninth volume.  Each book features a series of essays and excerpts written by prominent educators,...

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New Curriculum Updates

2/7/15 – Update – the links below, while they are still active, are no longer the official documents for the Bayonne School district’s music curriculum – they are now following Hudson county’s framework and are not published on this website. I’ve been tasked with updating our districts...

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