iElectronic Music or Electronic iMusic?

Read a great article today about AudioBus – an amazing looking app for you iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that will allow you to connect music apps within your phone.

This really looks amazing and I think it could truly change the way we think about electronic musical instruments. I myself am teaching Electronic Music at my school this year – with zero budget. We are using Macs that are several years old running GarageBand and Audacity – and that’s it. We were hoping to get an iPad cart for the lab but that fell through. With this new technology I’m wondering if I could use students personal iPhones, IPods, and iPads to create electronic music in class, make a sort of iBand extension of the a electronic Music class where students will perform only on “iDevices” – could be a great ensemble and a great tool for teaching about electronic music IF its done correctly.

Has anyone else had experience with an iBand or with teaching Electronic Music? I am very familiar with Garage Band, a pro at Sibelius, and have also some experience with Logic, but I’m always looking for expert advice. Anyone have some free resources online?

So far in class we’ve discussed the history of electronic music and explored the physics of sound. We’ve also dabbled in Garage Band – the classes are difficult because they’re mixed with students of various musical experiences. You can see some of our work featured here at our class blog

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