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I’ve been busy – very busy. Developing curriculum for my district and helping to develop a new revitalized Academy program for the arts and honors academics at my school. Whilst on the journey I have returned to Evernote as my to-do list. Actually – even though I’ve had an Evernote account for many years – this is really my first real experience using Evernote and all of it’s power as an “external brain” I’m now hooked on Evernote and using it for everything. An email comes in with something in it I need to attend to – I send it to Evernote, I find an article or photo or video online that I want to use for class or research – bam – send it to Evernote.

Evernote organizes and saves everything I need to remember and refer back to. I’m even adding articles from magazines that I want to save and I’m creating an entire Evernote library of articles about teaching music, music technology, rehearsal technique, teaching music composition, and on music careers with biographies and feature articles from different magazines.

Finally I’m now using Evernote as a journal. I have one notebook that I routinely write in and reflect, but I also have this notebook set up to be a catch-all of everything I do online. Using IFTTT (If This then That) I send every Tweet, Facebook post, and Instagram photo into this Journal – so it becomes not only a journal of my thoughts and ideas of personal writing, but also a journal of my online activity. Even posts sent to this blog are forwarded to my journal.

THIS made me think – I’ve been struggling for the past few years to have students blog about their musical progress and to create an online portfolio of their work and progress in music. I’m thinking Evernote might be a better solution. While it’s not necessarily published like a blog, Evernote will allow students to write, record, and take snapshots of their musical activities and collect them all into a simple notebook that they can then share with me. Are any other teachers using Evernote for student portfolios? Students – any ideas? Would Evernote be a better solution than blogging?


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